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There are a lot of causes, why students get low grades for their papers. Basically, all the mistakes can be divided into two groups: content mistakes and minor mistakes with grammar, word choice etc. Both can be fixed if you request “check my essay” on our website.

Reasons of Essay Failures and Solutions to Them

Let’s review the main types of mistakes and the way we can help on their avoidance.

  1. Content Mistakes
    • Plagiarism

      If you use some sources and do not cite them properly, the essay will have plagiarized parts. You can ask us to check your essay for plagiarism and fix the detected similarities. The essay check will be a salvation for you because you will avoid the serious troubles caused by plagiarism.

    • Basic Content Mistakes

      If you do not understand the topic fully, you are prone to making serious mistakes, such as using wrong facts, misunderstanding of basic terms etc. You should better pay for editing service, so an expert in your scientific field can look at your essay paper. He will be glad to check essay mistakes and correct them effectively.

      Corrections by You

      Corrections by an Expert

      There are mistakes, which cannot be corrected due to the lack of understanding.

      All the content mistakes will be fixed.

      You can make mistakes due to the use of unreliable sources.

      Your writer will replace the doubtful information with the facts taken from the reliable sources.

  2. Grammar, Word Choice etc.

    Some minor mistakes may also contribute to your grade deduction. With a cheap grammar check, the essay will get a perfect grammar and structure of the sentences with the brilliant word choice and with no spelling issues.

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How to Take Advantages of “Check My Essay” Request for Future Papers?

Way #1: Save the Corrected Copy

You can compare the initial and the corrected draft to see the mistakes. You can also get back to the fixed paper later to see how the brilliant essay looks like.

Way #2: Ask for Explanations

Your writer will be glad to explain, why he has corrected some points of your paper.

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