Paper Editing

An important thing of any paper editing is paying attention to all of the aspects and parts of the text. Each part should be relevant to the paper topic, have a certain meaning and (what is also important) play their functional roles.

Part-By-Part Editing

Here is a brief algorithm of the paper editing:

  1. Editing of Outline

    This is what you should start from. The paper outline is the key to the whole text, representing its main points placed in a clear and logical structure. If you have a perfect outline with no logical mistakes and irrelevant points, you have all the chances to submit a paper. While checking your outline, remember about subordination, co-ordination, parallelism and division principles.

  2. Editing of Structure

    After you are through with the outline correction, you should adjust the text to outline. There should be a separate paragraph for each point of outline. Moreover, the smaller the paragraphs are, the clearer your text will be. However, don`t do paragraphs on 2 sentences. 5-6 sentences will be the best option.

  3. Editing of Arguments

    Now let`s check the text deeply. How good are the arguments you have included? Are the points clear? Do they have good explanations, is the information cited, do you have examples to explain your point of view?

    Pro and Con
  4. Editing of Conclusion

    An effective conclusion is definitely important. You should underline your contribution to the topic and clearly determine what new you have been added. Check if your conclusion has the perspective: the fields that you had to leave without attention, but you are going to work on them further. It is quite important to leave the proper final impression about your writer, so your readers will be sure to like what they have read and give the high mark to it.

  5. Editing of Thesis Statement

    A thesis statement is one of the most important parts of the whole text. It defines what you will talk about and makes it possible for your reader to understand what he/she is going to read about. Although it is the part of introduction, you should double check the thesis statement at the very end of the editing to see if it suits your paper. There will be 3 parts: the maximally narrow topic, your attitude to it and arguments on this in brief.

Principles of the Perfect Paper Editing

There are a few principles to keep if you are aimed at perfect paper editing process. Set up your mind properly.

  1. Accurateness and Maximal Attention

    Your task is to avoid any distractions and pay maximum attention to the text revision. All the minor and more significant issues are to be recognized and thought over in order to do the necessary corrections.

  2. Being Well-Informed

    If you are fixing the text, you should be well-informed on the topic it is on. Obviously, you cannot correct the meaningful mistakes not actually knowing the meaning of the text and not being fully aware of what you are talking about. Therefore, take care of reading all the necessary sources. Only after you feel that you are an expert in the field, you can proceed with the paper editing.

    Knowing a Lot
  3. Being Assisted by the Person, Who Is Proficient

    This is an optional rule, but still, it is necessary for the perfect result. The other person can recognize the mistakes you can miss. When it is a professional, he will see the mistakes you may simply do not know about. This will be useful for you, as the explanations will help you to avoid all the further mistakes of the type. Therefore, there is an obvious use from ordering paper proofreading with CoolEditors.Com.

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