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Essay revision

When our customers say that they need a revision of an essay, we always make sure that we understand them right, as we can perform an essay revision for your paper and for the paper having been already corrected by our service.

Two Ways of Understanding ‘Revision’ by Our Service

Here are the following meanings for revising by CoolEditors.Com

  1. Revision as a Service Offered

    When you come to us and say that you need a college essay revision online for your draft, we will suggest you select from the following options:

    Significant Revision

    Minor Revision

    There is an editing service.

    There is a proofreading service for this purpose.

    Your assistant can change up to 70% of your draft or up to 30% of your draft accordingly.

    Your helper is eligible to correct just some minor issues within the paper, such as grammar, punctuation, word choice and so on.

    So, basically, if you just need an expert to double check your essay before submission, you should place your order for proofreading. However, if you need a revision of an essay beginning/conclusion etc., you should pay for editing.

  2. Revision for the Editing Completed

    If you have already got your essay corrected and you are not satisfied with the work performed, another meaning of revision of an essay begins. You can ask your writer to adjust some points or explain some of the corrections applied.

How to Benefit from the Both Essay Revision Tools?

Edit essay

Obviously, two different types of revisions have different procedures to be requested.

Way #1: Place Your Order

To get your draft corrected you should click on “Order Now” and enter your revision instructions into the form suggested.

Way #2: Message Your Writer

To get your completed order revised again you should place a revision request with the extra specifications and be sure that they will be met.

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