Online Editor: Online vs Offline Assistance

Online space or web space is a field of almost unlimited possibilities for any sphere of a human existence. It is a huge source of information as well as a place, where various helpful services work. The most noticeable reason for the substitution of offline services by the online analogues is the flexibility of the latter.

Benefits of Online Editor Service

Understanding the modern tendencies, we have introduced an online editor service at CoolEditors.Com website. Here are the benefits of our assistance in comparison to the offline agencies:

  1. No Place Restriction

    You do not need to leave your house and go somewhere to get assisted. Actually, you can stay in your bed and simply send us the draft via order form. Moreover, you can be on vacation somewhere thousand miles away and you will order help with no issues. The only thing you need to have is an access to internet, a device and the ability to attach your draft through it.

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  2. No Time Restrictions

    As we are an online agency working for students all over the world, it is not a surprise that we work 24/7 to be accessible from different locations with different time zones. Due to this you can contact us somewhen at night and place a regular order.

  3. Fast Service

    We are mobile and fast. This can be seen from the list of available deadlines you can set. There is no need to worry: if you set 8 hours deadline, we are sure to meet it.

  4. No Communication Losses

    One may say that there is nothing better than the live communication. Well, it was a task for our service to make the communication as comfortable as possible. We have coped with it having developed a possibility for customers and editors to intercommunicate directly. You can leave a message to your assistant or to support team and you will get the response the soonest.

  5. Comfortability while Order Monitoring

    You can track your order completion status easily: just log in to your personal area! There you will see the actual status of your order as well as deadline countdown. You are also welcomed to message your writer for updates.

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Privacy Assurances

The reason, why a lot of students are afraid to hire editors online, lies in the fact, that they do not trust in confidentiality of help. CoolEditors.Com has also taken into account this issue and has developed the most convincing privacy warranties.

  1. We Do Not Keep the Database of Papers

    Papers cannot be used for any other purposes, but they are only corrected as per your instructions.

  2. Texts Are Not Accessible by Plagiarism Detectors

    Even such plagiarism checking systems as Turnitin do not have access to the papers you have uploaded to your personal page. Thus, if you check the text with any plagiarism checker, it won’t show the high percentage of similarity. The text is available on the web for you only and will never be published anywhere.

  3. No Third Parties Can Get Any of Information about Order

    Your personal information, your order instructions, your order text etc. will never be disclosed to third parties and this is stated in the privacy policy of the company.

Therefore, there is nothing you should worry about ordering an online editor with CoolEditors.Com. If you have any other concerns, please contact our support team.

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