Dissertation Editing

If we are aimed at a successful academic career, a time of dissertation will come. This is a huge work, which requires a lot of nerves and efforts. Nevertheless, your task is to make it perfect. This means that the dissertation editing is inevitable for getting a good result.

Why Is It Good to Order Dissertation Editing?

Let us guess: you have spent ages to pen your dissertation draft and you are too tired of this, so editing seems to kill you. There is no need to force yourself doing what you do not want to. Let a professional editor double check your draft. Here are a few reasons, why it is good to make such a solution:

  1. Saving Time

    As we have already mentioned, editing of a 25+ pages paper is a tough task and you need to devote too much of your valuable time to this. It is a good thing to let someone edit it for you and spend the time with more use.

    Saving Time
  2. Making Sure You Get a Qualitative Result

    A professional editor with the proficiency in your field knows better what needs to be said about in your dissertation. He will tell what he thinks about the work and do the necessary improvements. Obviously, the result of the work of two people will be better than if you work alone.

What Points Make Dissertation Editing Specific?

Why dissertation editing differs a lot from the editing of an essay or a research paper? The main differences of editing are defined by the peculiarities of the paper type.

  1. Specific Structure

    While editing you should make sure that all the typical dissertation parts are kept and the content is relevant according to the demands. There should be an abstract, an accurate content page, a few chapters reviewing theoretical and applied aspects of the topic, the conclusions, properly formatted references etc.

  2. Novelty Requirement

    The whole work should make a certain contribution to the scientific field you are dealing with. Thus, it should say something new, what is reasonable, clear, logical and supported with facts and research results. It is necessary to check, if you have explained your point well.

  3. Usage of Sources

    The sources are to be academic and fully reliable. The proper use of sources is necessary, as this shows your level of awareness on the field and confirms that you have checked the different opinions concerning this topic.

    A Lot of Sources

How to Get the Dissertation Edited?

Well, all you need to have are the draft and requirements to the paper.

Step 1: Select “Editing” as Your Type of Service

Step 2: Check the Word Count to Evaluate the Number of Pages

According to our policy, 1 page has 275 words. Thus, take the word count of your dissertation excluding title page and references and divide by 275 to get the number of pages to be ordered.

Step 3: Attach Your Draft

Step 4: Check Out and Pay to Let Us Proceed

If you have any questions concerning our services or your particular work, you are welcomed to contact support team any time as well as you can message your personal editor directly. We are making our service as comfortable as possible for you.

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