Instant Grammar Checker: Search for an Alternative

Students often use different online instant grammar checkers to make sure that the texts are properly done. However, it is not always a good idea. Thus, those who really want a good grade, have to look for an alternative way of grammar check.

Checking Grammar in Microsoft Word: Is It Enough?

Microsoft Word is a good and comfortable program, and among all the functions it has there is also an option for checking. As you mostly create documents in Word you can see that some points may be underlined as incorrect. Why isn’t this enough for the good grammar correction? Experts say that Word is good at spelling check, but its grammar correction and especially explanations are quite poor and most of mistakes are omitted. What is also bad, is that some proper sentences may be underlined as wrong ones, so you will try to correct what does not need correction at all.

What Are the Overall Minuses of Instant Grammar Checkers?

Some online services for grammar check are more adjusted for qualitative revisions. Nevertheless, they have much worse results in comparison with the work of a professional editor.

  1. Inability to Detect Some Difficult Cases

    In the most difficult situations from the grammatical point of view, the program won’t show your mistakes.

  2. Issues with Punctuation

    Punctuation is quite a controversial point of grammar, so usually, grammar checkers simply avoid this point.

  3. Issues with the Disputable Points

    The biggest minus of grammar checking software is that a program cannot think and evaluate the full situation and context. There are a lot of cases when the change of structure will lead to the change in sense. In case there is a choice, a program won’t suggest you the possible variants since it cannot understand the context of your text.

    A Dispute
  4. Not Taking into Account the Style

    Every style has the number of features and restrictions. The thing is that there are no grammar checking programs, which need you to indicate the style of your text before the check. Thus, there may be some inappropriate points, or those, which should better not be included, and they will be left out of attention by the grammar checker.

  5. No Correction

    The huge minus is also that grammar checkers do not fix the mistakes, which have been detected, but simply point them out and give some general explanations. Thus, you may struggle with corrections for long, switching one mistake with others.

We Stand for Brilliance

As you may learn from the previous text, grammar checking software won’t guarantee you a mistake-less paper. That is why our service was introduced online: for those who stay for brilliance and who won’t be okay with B-grade.

The Brilliance

Adjustment and Personal Approach Matters

We also understand that meeting of the customers’ demands is of the higher importance than just making it perfect. For example, if an international student comes to our service and he does not want to be caught with using our service, he may ask for some mistakes to be skipped. Our editors know, which mistakes are frequently made by Chinese people in English texts of what kind of corrections are needed for Arabian international students. So, the text will be adjusted to the customer and will look as harmonically as it is possible.

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