Check My Paper: Program VS a Human

There is always a necessity to check your paper after it is penned. Nobody is perfect, so no one can create perfect papers from the first draft. Therefore, you should check and revise your draft until you consider it to be perfect. However, even if you think that the paper has no mistakes, this does not mean that this is objectively true. Your professor may find some issues and reduce your grade, if you do not take the further steps.

… The Further Steps

It is definitely a good thing to rely on yourself only. Well, this does not work for your papers. You cannot be sure that you know everything, even if you are a good essay writer. Thus, there are two ways for you if you are searching “Who will check my paper?”.

  1. Using a Program for Checking

    IT specialists are the smart guys trying to create programs for everything. No wonder there are a number of programs, which can check an essay for you. Some of them are available online, others can be downloaded and used offline. Some programs are free and others require you to have credits. There are also some programs, which have the free trial periods/credits.

    • Possibility of free usage;
    • Fast checking;
    • Online and offline availability.
    • Not all the mistakes can be shown to you (just grammar and originality highlights);
    • Most of programs show the mistakes to you, but don’t correct them;
    • Mistakes cannot be explained clearly by program, you can just get transferred to some references to check.
    An Artificial Intelligence
  2. Hiring a Professional Editor

    The modern web space contains a number of online services. An editor’s service can also be found here. Basically, you pay money to someone, who is an expert in editing and proofreading, set the time limit and they check your paper and corrects what is wrong. As a human being works on your paper, this has a number of benefits.

    • Possibility of correction of meaningful mistakes (wrong information, unreliable links etc.);
    • The brilliant result (all kind of mistakes will be fixed);
    • Possibility of communication (the writer can explain some corrections to you if you have any questions).
    • A payment is required (well, no one wants to work for free, especially if he/she is an expert)
    • You need to wait at least a couple of hours, so your editor can check an essay for you attentively and do the necessary corrections.

Your Choice

Having read the text above and based on the specified arguments you can make your own choice on the way your essay can be checked.

It Is Up to You to Make a Choice

As far as our service is concerned, we have gathered a team of people with good education and editing experience, as well as adjusted our service to be the most comfortable for you. Thus, if you choose the second way, our website will be the best possible place to get an assistant at. Just:

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