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Here we will tell you a story of a student, who once came to our service and soon has become our regular customer. The review is worth reading.

How I Improved My Skills with the Help of CoolEditors.Com

I have never asked for any online service to correct my college essay. However, after I got tired of getting poor grades I decided to make my first step towards the essay correction service. Here is what I can say after my essay has been fixed.

  1. To Correct My Essay My Writer Has Fixed My Outline

    The first part, which was changed, was an outline. It became more logically structured and it has got the levels of subordination.

  2. A Writer Has Improved My Beginning

    When I uploaded my draft and added a question “Is my essay correct?” to paper instructions, I didn’t expect many changes. However, my paper changed significantly. An ordinary essay beginning has been switched by an interesting and catchy essay hook. The thesis statement became more concise but clearer.

  3. The Body Part Was Revised

    My writer had not only managed to correct my essay errors but also added some better examples and divided some parts into separate paragraphs.

  4. The Conclusion Was Fixed to Get Stronger

    A strong conclusion creates a proper final impression. I felt that well after I’d read the revised version of mine. Here is an example of what points have been changed:

    Before After

    Sentences with phrases “I believe”, “I think”…

    … replaced with “based on the facts provided…”, “as the research shows”

    The sentence “the essay has successfully performed its aim”…

    … switched with the paraphrased thesis statement.

All in all, I am glad that I have ordered CoolEditors.Com to correct my English essay. Moreover, I enjoyed the fruitful communication with my writer! Here is what I have learned in general:

How to Correct My Essay Effectively?

Essay editor

Way/Step 1:

Double check it by myself.

Way/Step 2:

Read the essay aloud for my friend.

Way/Step 3:

Ask CoolEditors.Com for the final essay revision!

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