Grade My Essay

Everyone who is working on an essay expects a good grade for it. Indeed, there is no point to do something if it does not bring a good result. Therefore, there appeared a possibility to evaluate your approximate grade for the paper before the actual submission. This is possible when placing your order with CoolEditors.Com.

What Influences the Grade for Essay?

To grade your essay effectively, we have developed a set of general criteria, according to which papers are usually graded. Thus, when you request “grade my essay, please”, the following aspects are being considered.

  1. Paper Content

    By the content here we mean the sense of the text you have penned. It includes such criteria:

    • Relevance to the Topic

      The text needs to cover the topic and never touch upon some side irrelevant information.

    • Relevance of Arguments

      The arguments you use should be clearly for or against a certain point.

    • Originality

      There is no need to say that your paper should be plagiarism free. Your professor expects to see your points of view, but not the copied materials.

    • Correctness of Information

      All the details you include need to be true and taken from reliable sources. If your reader will catch you on lies, he will not trust you anymore.

    True Information
  2. Paper Coherence

    It is not enough just to tell everything you consider to be relevant. Your text should have interconnected elements, so that it will form one whole. It is necessary to link all the elements one to another logically, and this will significantly contribute to the quality of your paper.

    • Structure of Sentences

      The sentences of your essay should better have no more than 2 parts. Furthermore, in case you have a part starting with “because, when, if, in the cause of” and other elements indicating the condition, there should compulsorily be the second part, indicating the action performed under the set condition.

    • Structure of Text

      There are basic structural elements of an essay, which are to be considered. Introduction, body and conclusion correlate with the readers process of understanding of what you are talking about. Furthermore, there are a few linking elements within the structure. For example, the thesis statement links your introduction to the body, and the paraphrased thesis statement in conclusion links it to the very beginning of your essay. Also, do not forget about the linking terms, words and expressions.

  3. Paper Accurateness

    It is also important to mind the paper being accurate. No one will trust that you are a professional in the field if you make spelling errors or grammar mistakes. That is why the paper accurateness is the necessity for a high grade. Even if you jot down something genius, but with mistakes, you may be either misunderstood or you will simply get the grade, which is lower than expected.


What Happens if You Ask Us “Grade My Essay”?

Actually, here are the steps, which will be taken:

Step #1: We Check Your Essay

A professional editor, who has a diploma in your particular sphere, will read the draft you have uploaded.

Step #2: We Grade It

Actually, the editor defines what is good and what is bad about your draft.

Step #3: We Correct It

All the points, which needs to be fixed, will be corrected, and the paper will be overall improved for getting a higher grade.

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