Essay Corrector

If you want to submit a well-done essay, you should understand that a qualitative correction means a lot. Therefore, it will be interesting for you to discover the methods of a qualitative essay correction.

Classification of Essay Corrections Way

If we want to classify something, there should be a certain principle the classification is based on. Here we will review the methods of correction based on the people involved into the process.

  1. Self-Correction

    The most popular way is to correct an essay by yourself. However, there are still a few tricks, which will contribute to the effectiveness.

    • Postponing the Correction

      If your deadline is not pressing, you should postpone editing for some time. If you forget about the text for some time and do something else for some time, you have more chances to find all the mistakes and do the correction better.

    • Reading Aloud

      People are different and the way their perception of information also differs. Generally, there are audials and visuals. Audials are those, who prefer listening and visuals are those who are better at reading. Thus, if you are an audial, you will face issues with the correction the text. However, there is a way out: you can read the text aloud and listen to how it sounds.

      Reading aloud
  2. Ask-Friend Correction

    Even if your friend is not the best student in your class, it will still be useful to ask him for editing. There are some mistakes, which you simply cannot see, as you are sure that you have done everything properly. The friend will definitely recognize the spelling errors, the typos and some other minor issues you may have missed.

  3. Group-Correction

    If the paper is a part of a group work, it will be a good idea to analyze and discuss what has been done within the group. If a few people agree, that the paper is brilliant, it is definitely worthwhile work. Moreover, the parts of the work should form one whole project, so there should be interconnections between the parts completed by different group members.

    Working in Groups
  4. Correction by a Teacher/Professor

    Whether you want this or not, your paper will be checked by your professor and all the mistakes will be found. It is good if you have the chance to apply the specifications and save your grade, but in most cases, you won’t be able to get A anymore. The fixing by a professor is thus useful for your future works, but unfortunately, it won’t help much for the current paper. The corrections by professor also have a negative moral effect, as they may demotivate or impact the self-estimation.

  5. Correction by a Professional Editor

    The correction performed by a professional is like a revision by a professor. The only differences are that you do not sacrifice your grade and you need to pay a certain amount for the service. Moreover, your personal assistant will be ready to spend as much time as possible to improve the paper at its best and he will be glad to provide you with all of the explanations.

    It is also possible to combine a few methods for the better result. For example, you can revise the paper by yourself, ask your friend to look it through and then come to CoolEditors.Com to hire the experienced editor for the final polishing. .

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