Online Proofreader: Why to Pay for It?

There is a number of online proofreading possibilities one can benefit from. However, there is a set of services you need to pay for. Why should one pay for the options which are available for free? Well, these services have a lot of advantages and here we will give you a short overview of those pluses.

You Pay – You Demand

If you are paying for a certain service you have the right to demand the appropriate quality and meeting of your request. If using a free service, you can say nothing.

  1. You Can Be Sure in High Quality of Proofreading

    Different companies have different quality warranties. If you are paying money, you should pay attention to this. Check what the company offers exactly, so you will know what level of quality to demand.

  2. You Can Set the Time Frames for Completion

    If you pay, you can set the conditions you need the service to be performed at. Therefore, if you have the limited time frames, you just tell when you need the proofread paper to be delivered. The service takes the full responsibility to deliver the result in time.

  3. You Are Sure in Responsible Completion

    The service you pay to guarantees meeting of all the points of arrangement. Before you pay, you should better check the company`s policies to know what are the guarantees given. In case of not following your instructions, there should be a compensation for inconveniences. Furthermore, the company is supposed to control its proofreader and make sure that he does everything as asked.

  4. You Do Not Owe Anybody a Favor

    When you ask your friend for a proofreading, you owe him a favor. You understand, that sometimes it is much easier just to pay and forget about the case, rather than keep in mind that you owe something. If you are ordering with a service, you just pay for the service, you get what has been purchased and that’s it.

    A Deal

How Can You Be Sure in Meeting of Proofreading Instructions with CoolEditors.Com?

Our service cares about meeting the highest standards. Therefore, there are a number of aspects we work at in order to maintain the service`s top-positions on the market.

  1. Revision Policy

    The company`s policies and guarantees make our customers sure to get what they want. Basically, our clients know, that if they do not like anything, they can always ask for the revision of the order and this will cost nothing.

  2. Only the Best Proofreaders

    We also hire only experienced professionals to perform the most accurate paper check. All the experts hired by our company have the Master`s or Ph.D. academic level, meaning that they definitely do not have issues with grammar and punctuation at all.

  3. Quality Control Department

    Although we rely on the experts working on us, there still exists a quality control department. It checks the clients` satisfaction rate and the writers` performance. The proofreaders, who have the low performance are fired.

    The Quality Check

How to Learn More about Paper Proofreading with CoolEditors.Com?

If you want to learn more about the policies and guarantees for the proofreading or you have any questions on how our service works, do not hesitate to contact us. We work 24/7 to answer any questions that may appear about our company.

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