How to Write a Story?


If you are not a worldwide famous story-teller, you may face issues while writing a story or, as it may be called, a narrative essay. This type of writing requires you to have a good imagination combined with the awareness with the basic story elements and requirements and well-developed writing style. The following text will assist you with the main hints on story writing and will provide you with tips regarding how to avoid common mistakes.

How to Achieve a Habit of Waking up Early for Your Classes?

morning person

You can think it’s impossible, but it's true - you can wake up at 5-6 o'clock in the morning and feel content and rested. Surely you will need some time and efforts to become an early riser, but if you are tired of finding new excuses for your constant lateness for your classes, you are welcome to try out some awesome techniques and change your lifestyle once and forever.

What Is Leadership and Who Is a Leader?

Confident person

Nowadays, thinking about leadership in a school or a college, we can define it as an ability to inspire and motivate other people to willingly follow your lifestyle or points of view, support your choices or decisions. A leader is a 'self-made' person, and nobody can really teach you how to become one. Thus, if you ever considered attending some leadership training courses, be aware that often it might not be worth paying the money asked. It may take years of self-education to develop your leadership skills, but if you have a strong will and defined purposes, it is surely achievable. Generally, there are two types of people in the world: the ones that follow and the ones that are followed. If you want to join the second group, here are some tips every person willing to become a leader should be aware of.

Keep Being an Interesting Person


We all live in a society, surrounded by thousands of people. But it is noticed by many, that it is in the most crowded places where we can feel the loneliest. Being interesting to yourself and to others is one of the arts of nowadays, and here are some tips that might help you become a true artist of your life.

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