A Student’s Guide to Becoming More Popular in One Week

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Don’t worry, you won’t care about popularity for too long. We can even play the role of psychics and predict when exactly you’ll stop giving a rat’s tail about your widespread social contacts. When you graduate, get a good job, and start enjoying solo trips to places which are situated as far from crowds of people as possible, we’ll have a different conversation.

Adults don’t even bother themselves with all that stuff. But we see that you do, and as usual, Cooleditors.com experts are ready to provide you with help.

Seriously, your burning desire to become popular at the university will disappear into thin air as soon as you realize the value of a true friendship and constant personal growth. Just ask your parents what they have been through, and you’ll get a clear picture.

You may not trust us, total strangers (however, these two passages have helped with fostering the close bond between us, right?). But listen to your folks, kid. Popularity is meaningless and very fragile.

Reputation and image are highly important for your future career. Perhaps it’s a good idea to start working on them while studying at university.

Or maybe, you just want to gain more confidence, reduce the level of social anxiety, and improve your communicational skills. Either way, we’ve gathered the tips from professional psychologists which will make you so popular that your fellow students will be lining up in order to high-five you.

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Dress to Impress

People love bright colors. So, if you want people to love you that much, you’ll have to take a closer look at your wardrobe. It’s time to remember all stereotypes which are often depicted in teen movies about popular high school students.

They are true fashionistas who are never afraid to try something new. No matter if it’s an animalistic print or a huge floral design, if it’s bold and eye-catching, it means that they can pull it off. But as we’ve stated previously, those are just stereotypes.

In reality, the way you behave and talk may tune off the impression that the brightest clothes can leave. If you lack that striking level of self-confidence, then cool stylish clothes are a must for you and the first step to massive popularity. Yes, no matter what, people have always judged and will always judge your appearance. We’re built that way.

You’ll have a chance to show your awesome personality a bit later. Let’s start with the wardrobe. Bright colors will make you look more approachable and funnier.

For example, studies have shown that blonde girls are perceived as more cheerful. It’s not a suggestion, just a little piece of information, and you’ve got to decide what to do with it. Just remember that there is a difference between extravagant and gaudy.

Just Pretend That You’re Interested

There is an easy and very effective trick in psychology which will help you foster a contact with a stranger. Ask them for a minor favor. It has to be something so simple that the refusal will make them feel uncomfortable.

“Could you pass me a pen?” Just drop this phrase, and you can be sure the stranger has fallen into your trap. When you provide somebody with a minor service, you feel like you can trust this person. This is one of the weird ways how our brain works.

So, after maintaining a contact, start asking questions. People love talking about themselves, give them a chance to spill it all out.

Ellen DeGeneres was once asked what makes a good talk show host. She answered that listening skills and the ability to ask the right questions will make any conversation smooth and sincere. Ask another student how their weekend was, how their pet’s doing, ask where they got that gorgeous shirt. The moment when they start sharing emotions with you they are hooked.

There are some more tips on communication skills that you’ll find right here, right in this article.

Can Be a Tricky One, But You’re Going to Nail It

A good sense of humor is an extremely effective tool when it comes to building your reputation of a fun person. Who doesn’t want to share a laugh or two with a cool human being? Guess what, now you’re going to become that cool human being.

A sense of humor is the most obvious indicator of intelligence, and we’re pretty sure that you’re doing really great in the sphere of brain power. How do we know that? You’re hanging out with us at the moment, and this is the smartest decision ever.

Jokes help create a relaxed atmosphere. We feel comfortable with people when we’re laughing with them. People with a great sense of humor (even if it seems perky or a bit weird) are usually perceived as the life of the party.

By the way, it’s a myth that men are better at throwing jokes. Girls are more self-conscious and they choose not to joke because of the fear that they won’t be funny enough. So, a little more confidence, ladies, and you’ll conquer that art.

Smiley Emojis Won’t Be Enough

A study has reported that people who smile in photos seem more attractive and approachable than those who have a serious facial expression.

Sociologists came to this conclusion after analyzing thousands of Tinder profiles. When you smile, you look like a friendly person who has a pleasant personality and a kind heart.

Psychology explains that a smile is an indicator of safety. When a person is happy and in a good mood, she will do no harm to you, and you can feel absolutely relaxed. Happy people are like a magnet for others, so a simple smile can be the best accessory that will match just perfectly that bright outfit.

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