Proofread My Paper

The customers` satisfaction is the ‘must’ for our service, so we do a lot to improve the performance. A great contribution on this point is the service`s flexibility. Indeed, you are welcome to set your specific conditions and we guarantee to meet them accordingly.

  1. Your Conditions – Our Performance

    The order requirements for the request “proofread my paper” are not an exception. Here are the parameters you can set for your personal assistant. Start the Time Countdown An important thing about the academic papers is that they all have the time due. Furthermore, it is important to meet this time, which was set by a tutor or professor. To take care about this we have developed a range of deadlines you can set. There can be urgent orders, when you need us to do the proofreading within a few hours, as well as you may ask for the long-termed help. The deadline countdown starts automatically at the moment we receive your payment.

    A Timerr
  2. Choose an Expert

    Mostly, we define the sphere of your assignment and send the paper to the expert in the field. However, there is an opportunity for you to influence us concerning the helper`s selection. You are welcome to choose a top and professional paper proofreader with CoolEditors.Com and pay a small amount extra for it.

  3. Tell the Number of Pages You Need Revision of

    Obviously, you set the amount of work needed to be performed. We proofread the whole draft sent by you or just look through the required pages. In order to avoid any confusion, each 275 words are taken as 1 page. The more pages you need us to check, the higher will be the price. Well, it will be low anyway:)

  4. Specify What You Need Us to Do

    A classic proofreading includes the grammar, spelling, punctuation check etc. However, there may be some variations. For example, you may need to do some highlights or underlines within your text and this is also possible if you simply order the proofreading service. In case there are no special requests, we will follow the general requirements for proofreading.

    Telling What to Do

Flexibility Matters

The best service is the flexible service. We work on this. You should understand that although the order form has the limited number of options, they do not limit your possibilities.

  • If you need the paper proofreading faster than the shortest deadline offered, just contact us and we will do the necessary adjustment to your order details.
  • In case you have placed your order for a long deadline, but you realize that you have made a mistake and now the deadline needs to be shortened, this won`t be a problem.
  • In case you need a specific writer, who has been working with you before, this is also possible and can be specified under the order instructions.
  • Some extra changes can be requested at a small extra payment. You are also welcome to change the type of service if you decide that proofreading is not enough and you need editing or even rewriting of your text.
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