Friends with Benefits

Is there a real friendship between a man and a woman? The truth is that this question is as old as the society is. So many humans, so many minds. Every person has its own opinion on that particular subject. However, none of those opinions are considered to be the ultimate truth.

Ancient Thoughts VS Modern Vision

The evidence shows that this kind of friendship is impossible. Such famous personalities as Sigmund Freud or Arthur Schopenhauer have never believed in that phenomena. Though, their opinions are easy to explain. One of them was a pansexualist and the other one just didn’t like women.

On the other hand most of the modern girls have a real faith that they have a boy who is their friend. They do believe that their male-friend will never give up on them and he is much better than all the female friends that they have ever had. At the same time there are some boys who prefer communicating with girls and they also acknowledge that only the girls can truly understand them. So how comes it? It is obvious that there are some benefits in having a friend of the opposite sex aside from sexual relationship itself.

Girls’ Opinion

  • Boys are the people you can really rely on.

    Every boy is dreaming to become a man. A man will definitely help a woman to outwear a sorrow. Boys just need to protect somebody. And if your friend doesn’t have a girlfriend you’ll surely become a person he will take care of.

    Rely on
  • Boys are not so swift to take offence as the girls are.

    Who of you doesn’t like to pull your friend’s leg? From time to time everybody does it as it brings some genuine pleasure and makes your relationship more sincere, imbues it with particular fun. Girls tend to resent a lot. When it comes to boys, they can take your practical jokes easier and they won’t blow off your mind if you have said something wrong and hurt their feelings this way.

  • Boy is a sure adviser

    And the last but not the least vantage of having a male friend is that a boy can give you a really good advice. No matter how hard you try you’ll never see things in a masculine perspective. That is why sometimes it is pretty hard for a girl to make a right decision concerning their own relationship with a boyfriend. Only a male-friend is capable of giving you a piece of advice that will promptly help you to turn right the things touching your love affairs or something of that kind.

Boys’ opinion

A Man`s Point of View

  • Girl as a shoulder to cry on

    Boys are much stronger than girls are. However sometimes they also need “an easy friend with an ear to land” as Kurt Cobain sang. It’s rather difficult to go soft if you’re in the company of your kiddos. You need to be a man of character all the time. Otherwise, you’re nothing more but a mush-head.

    Nevertheless girls don’t wear this kind of mental blinkers. That is why they are ready to take you as they find you with all your inner demons. You can be yourself and don’t need to put on an act.

  • Girl reads people well

    It is pretty hard to believe but sometimes girls can also ideate rationally. They can see the truth more often than the boys do. A female friend has a better idea of what is really going on in the head of your girlfriend. A girl’s opinion in regards to romantic relationship is worth listening, and some of their suggestions and advices will certainly be helpful for you.

To sum up

I wasn’t intended to prove you that this kind of friendship exists. I just wanted to implant doubt into a thought that it is impossible. Friendship with a person of the opposite sex has many benefits (and it does not count sex). If you want to make certain of it, well, try it.

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