Top 5 Apps Which Will Help You Out with a Home Assignment


The future is here! Can you imagine how doing homework was like for your parents? Hours spent at the library, handwritten essays, and absolutely no chance to look something up on the Internet for an exam. It seems that non-Internet era was ages ago, and now it`s hard to imagine student life without educational websites, e-books, and apps, of course. Despite the fact that the older generation may not admit the beneficial effect of those on the overall process of studying, modern psychologists are sure that the positive influence is undeniable.

Youngsters nowadays are supposed to process much more information than their predecessors. Take a look at today`s news. How many messages will you see there? Tons of new information about scientific breakthroughs, economic developments, or social aspects are bombarding us on a day-to-day basis, so kids have to deal with an overwhelming load of info.

That`s why apps are the best option if you don`t want to fall behind on your homework. In case you feel like it`s too much and you don`t have time to check all the assignments, there is always a great reliable service you can address called You won`t need to download any apps to use it, just visit the website, and your grades will be saved.


If you still don`t know about its existence, trust me you`re going to be astonished and amazed at its work. Basically, it`s a calculator, but a magic one. It`s hard to get a full understanding how on earth is that possible, but “Photomath” can solve any equation and conduct any calculations in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is to scan the equation with your phone camera, and you`ll get an instant answer. What is more, the program will provide you with a detailed scheme on how it is solved.

Logarithms, cosines, linear equations, all of them will no longer be an insurmountable obstacle on your way to studying mathematics, physics, and astronomy. The designers of an app claim that they didn`t create “Photomath” for cheating. It was never an initial intention. They just decided to help people who have struggles with math and who`re eager to learn how to solve equations themselves. Where has it been during my high school years?


Flashcards are usually perceived as the most effective and fastest method of remembering information. When an exam is coming, the room of every student reminds a colorful wonderland because all possible surfaces are covered with sticky notes and flashcards. Those are meant to compartmentalize your knowledge and turn your memory into a productive machine. However, handwritten notes and the 21st century of total and complete digitalization just don`t get along, do they?

That`s why “Quizlet” was created. 20 million students from all over the world use this app on a daily basis. It allows you to create flashcards in different variations and designs. It`s not just about terminology or foreign words, it`s suitable for creating charts, infographics, small presentations, and images. Such variety of options will always keep your mind sharp and focused. Besides, think about all trees you`re going to save if you don`t use flashcards paper.


It’s a great app for all forgetful students. If you often ask your mates about home assignments and get surprised that you had a lab class yesterday, then you need a helper who will keep a track of your lectures, tests, and homework in the most effective manner. Meet “iHomework”, which is proven to be rather helpful when it comes to a total overload of home tasks.

What was that essay that you were supposed to write today? Which test is coming up next week? Where is that PDF document of the lecture from last Tuesday? If all those questions are a painful daily routine for you, then this app will be the one which will finally compartmentalize all that mess. In case you`re running late on some assignments, and the app is showing you that the deadline is very close, you can avail a reliable service which will type an essay for you.


The app which helps you feel like a part of a huge international student community. It has a slight resemblance to Wikipedia due to the participation of multiple contributors, but it is considered to be a rather reliable source when it comes to dealing with homework. It has a huge information basis which is formed from answers to all possible questions that a student can ever ask. It mostly focuses on mathematics and science, however, you`ll easily find the variety of the most popular topics in grammar or literature there as well.

It`s a crowdsourcing platform which has become a nightmare for teachers and professors who claim that this app is very frequently used as a cheat sheet during tests. “Slader” fires back at the allegations, stating that the app is only meant to give students an access to “real-time help”.

Got It Study

If you`ve always dreamt to have a robot as a friend, then this app will provide you with such opportunity. The work of “Got It Study” is based on artificial intelligence, and it`s super cool. Probably, not as cool as Siri who can give you expert advice on your tomorrow`s outfit, but this one will still cover all your homework needs.

It`s divided into various topics or courses, however, it was initially designed to provide expert help in physics, math, and chemistry. If your question is highly specific and you can`t find the answer on the main platform, you can always ask a real-time expert who will provide you with a professional answer. This additional function doesn`t come free though. At the same time, it`s significantly cheaper than the alternatives.

Speaking of the cheap and professional, do you still need to edit an essay? Great! Because it`s hard to find the right service, and you already know one.

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