Thesis Statement: What Should be Kept in Mind?

To start with, one should clearly understand, why a powerful statement for their thesis is the foundation of the whole assignment that needs to be completed. What are the reasons that could define it? The statement actually has a couple of functions.

  • It defines the reaction of the teacher, who will be grading the paper, and can even influence the mark they will give you.
  • It is like the guiding light that will summon all the parts of your paper and organize them in a logical and cohesive way.
  • If it is something that you strongly believe in, it can help you inspire your audience by sharing the unique vision you have of the matter.

What is the guideline to produce an excellent thesis statement?

  1. Make a basic research to find out what is the information that needs to be mentioned in your work and decide on the opinions and beliefs regarding these arguments that you want to share. The recipient can comprehend the text better if your paper is personalized.

    researching process.

  2. Once your point is made, jot down a few examples of a sentence that could summarize your statement. You could choose one of the aspects of a problem, or you could include a general influence on a certain social class.

  3. After you write half a dozen or so, you will clearly see the thing that your sentences have in common. Using this, you can compose your statement, making sure to include the strong arguments from what you have brainstormed.

    pursuing someone.

  4. Now it is time to edit the statement that you have composed and align it to meet the basic requirements.

    • It should not be neutral. A statement should inspire discussion and be subjective, because later on, your task will be to power it up with reliable facts or statistic data.
    • It should be very specific. If a statement is similar to “The war badly affects the economy”, it is too vague and should be narrowed down.
    • It should be thought-provoking. Each person can have their arguments, but your statement should provide a member with an opposing view on the matter with a doubt, and a desire to keep the discussion alive.
    • It should be followed by reliable and trustworthy data.  The facts do not always match our opinions, but no matter how much you want it, you cannot write about the positive influence of revolutions without deep-rooted sources that you can rely on.

Ideally, a good thesis statement is aiming at igniting the interest in the reader. It has a defined side in an argument on unresolved matters. Keep in mind that your main goal is to find reliable sources that have some basis under them. If your thesis meets the criteria and is interesting, it is high time to look for evidence that will act as the foundation for the ideas that you want to build in your work.

Additional tip: the arguments should be arranged from the strongest or most reliable to the weakest or least reliable. This is bound to make your reader fully comprehend the problem and bring them closer to share your personal point of view.

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