How to Write a Story?

If you are not a worldwide famous story-teller, you may face issues while writing a story or, as it may be called, a narrative essay. This type of writing requires you to have a good imagination combined with the awareness with the basic story elements and requirements and well-developed writing style. The following text will assist you with the main hints on story writing and will provide you with tips regarding how to avoid common mistakes.

Two Pieces of Advice for a Story Writing

There can be determined two main hints for narrative story writing. The first one is to do everything correctly, and the second one is to avoid making mistakes. This sounds funny and too obvious until you get the detailed explanations on this.

Do Everything Right

Writing a narrative essay correctly means following the next directions:

  1. Keep the Structure

    As any essay or a well-written paper, your story will need to have 3 basic elements. You already know about introduction, body and conclusion. However, this is not it. As a story, it needs to have a certain order of events:

    • exposition (introducing of the place, people, past/regular events etc.);
    • rising action (set of events that set a background for the main one);
    • climax (the main conflict between the key characters of the story);
    • falling action (the set of events that put everything on their place);
    • resolution (the conclusion and often the place when the moral of the story becomes clear).

    For the advanced story writers it is possible to mix up these elements of the plot and change their order, but if you are a beginner in story-writing, do not make experiments.


  2. Watch Your Grammar and Spelling

    Grammatical mistakes and spelling errors will distract your reader from what is happening within your text, so you should make sure that everything is correct from this point of view. Incorrect grammar will disclose you as an unskilled writer, so this will reduce the trustworthy of the story.

  3. Work on the Proper Word Choice

    You should clearly determine the style of your paper, and use the appropriate language. Remember, that the colloquial elements make a story more vivid and real, but it is necessary to check that all such words are strictly stylistically motivated and do not add to a confusion or bad tone. You may even make certain characters bright adding a specific feature to their language in direct speech. A good example is Hagrid from Harry Potter, who speaks a specific dialect.


Do Not Make Mistakes

There are a few common mistakes, which can often be noticed in students` stories. Well-informed means well-armed.

  1. Do Not Double Lie

    Story-telling is sometimes writing about events, which have never taken place. However, you should control the lies and do not contradict yourself. Do not mess up with names and never give different explanations when talking about the same things.

  2. Introduce the Heroes

    When you talk about the true story that has happened with you, it is possible to forget that your reader is not aware of your life and people in it. Thus, if you mention Ann, explain who is it. It is clear for you, that it is your sister, but it will not be clear for the person reading a story. This may create a big mess.

    Introducing a person

  3. Is It Really a Story?

    When you need a story, any other kind of essay will not be suitable. You may include some descriptive elements, some argumentative elements, but the whole thing should be based on the plot and characters playing their role.

Hope you will benefit from the advice and once we will be able to read a set of super-interesting stories written by you.

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