How to Achieve a Habit of Waking up Early for Your Classes?

You can think it’s impossible, but it's true - you can wake up at 5-6 o'clock in the morning and feel content and rested. Surely you will need some time and efforts to become an early riser, but if you are tired of finding new excuses for your constant lateness for your classes, you are welcome to try out some awesome techniques and change your lifestyle once and forever.


What are the advantages?

The best time for our brains to work efficiently and consume more new information is an early morning, therefore, a lot of cool and productive ideas could be generated during this period. Besides, research shows that morning people are usually more successful and prosperous in life, as an early morning is a fantastic time for planning and setting your goals. Every day you can wake up early and think what could be done today to bring you closer to achieving your dreams. So, without further ado, here some tactics of how to become an early riser:

Plan your ideal morning

Yes, you make take your notebook, sit down and imagine your ideal morning. What are the things you have always wanted to try doing in the morning before you have to go to classes? Is it drinking a cup of your favorite coffee on the balcony? Maybe some yoga? Reading a newspaper or a magazine? It's like you are setting the ground rules for your future morning routine.

Clear your thoughts

Surely, your "mornings are the hell" attitude had been cultivating for years and years: since your childhood, probably. You have to let it go. Forget every bad thought about waking up early and start building your attitude all over again. The only way for you to change your lifestyle is to get rid of your bad ideas and negativity.

No excuses

While adjusting your new waking up cycle, some days will be harder than others. Don’t give yourself any excuses to sleep in. Of course, there will be mornings when you just want to shut your alarm off and get back to sleep, a good solution is to try making your morning routine easier: if you are usually struggling what to wear to the university, choose your outfit in the evening, if you don’t know what to prepare for the breakfast, create a menu for the week ahead.

Do not break the chain

Of course, you have heard of the “chain reaction”, where every day you accomplish your new habit is considered as a new “chain link”. If you miss a day, you will break the chain. It’s a simple and good way to stay motivated and inspired.

Keep all your achievements tracked

Another simple and fantastic way to keep motivated is to create a list and write down all the useful things you have done early in the mornings. It will also give you a sense of calm to the rest of the day, as you will know you have already done a big part of your duties.

Do not rush

Don't set any boundaries for yourself to become an early riser. You never know the circumstances, but deadlines often kill the motivation. Take your time. Set your alarm for 15-20 minutes earlier first, after you are comfortable waking up at this time, you may set it earlier again. It will take some time, but if you follow all the steps, you will not notice when you achieve a new and useful habit!

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