What Is Leadership and Who Is a Leader?

Nowadays, thinking about leadership in a school or a college, we can define it as an ability to inspire and motivate other people to willingly follow your lifestyle or points of view, support your choices or decisions. A leader is a 'self-made' person, and nobody can really teach you how to become one. Thus, if you ever considered attending some leadership training courses, be aware that often it might not be worth paying the money asked. It may take years of self-education to develop your leadership skills, but if you have a strong will and defined purposes, it is surely achievable. Generally, there are two types of people in the world: the ones that follow and the ones that are followed. If you want to join the second group, here are some tips every person willing to become a leader should be aware of:

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Be enthusiastic

Everybody knows that enthusiastic people are usually more successful and prosperous in life. It makes enthusiasm to be the most important feature in leadership. To become an enthusiastic person, first of all, you should discover the job/occupation that makes you feel happy and delightful. Usually, it takes a lot of persistence to develop enthusiasm. You don't have to quit, especially if you have not succeeded from the first time. Repeat to yourself every time : 'I can do this!', 'I will do this' and you surely will.

Do not be afraid to be the first

Of course, every leader should be brave and courageous in order to face and resolve all the obstacles on the way to success. Braveness is also important in urgent situations when you should act immediately. A good leader always has enough courage to face all the challenges and find the best solutions, often forgetting about personal fears and insecurities.

Believe in yourself

It is a really important requirement for all the people who want to become leaders. A good leader should always truly believe in his ideas, strengths, and abilities. This person should be confident in himself, so other people could do the same. He never has to impose his opinions and views on others, they (others) are always sure in the rightness of leader's decisions and words.

A leader never talks about non-achievable goals or unrealistic plans; this person will never start doing something he is not absolutely confident about.

Keep your enemies close

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. This saying accurately describes a good leader. Friendliness is surely important to every person who want to be popular and recognized among other people.

A good leader is always confident in himself. He never shows his fears and weaknesses. He is always loyal to everyone including his competitors.

Make everybody smile

It may sound funny, but humor is a very important feature for all the leaders. Of course, this person doesn't have to act like a clown, but other people should always be aware of his presence. He can say some comments according to the situation, but his words shouldn't be offensive. Usually, leader's jokes and comments are witty and intelligent.

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