Keep Being an Interesting Person

We all live in a society, surrounded by thousands of people. But it is noticed by many, that it is in the most crowded places where we can feel the loneliest. Being interesting to yourself and to others is one of the arts of nowadays, and here are some tips that might help you become a true artist of your life.

Do not blindly follow trends

Even if everyone is crazy about something it doesn’t mean that you must be as well. Stay who you are and have your own opinion about everything, and people will respect you for that. You may even create a new trend one day and people will follow you.

Moving forward

Get out of your comfort zone

If you want to be a growing and developing person, you always need to do things that are a little frightening, a little strange, a little unusual for you. Not standing on the same place, not stopping on your today’s achievements, appreciating what you have but constantly moving forward – these are the keys for self-respect, inner-harmony, interest to yourself, and appreciation from the others.


It is always scary to accept who you really are, we all go through the periods of different masks we wear in order to fit in, to seem cool, not to seem strange. The thing is that we all are strange. We all have a unique set of characteristics and we will always be strange to someone whose set is much different from ours. It is our task to find out who we really are and to accept ourselves, which would help us to turn our weaknesses into our strengths. This will definitely make you worth interest of the others.

Explore the world

The world doesn’t stand on the same place, neither should you! Be curious, explore the world around you, try to learn as much as you can, both outside and inside, as not only the world is amazing and breathtaking, but you are as well.



Feeling sorry for yourself and your hard life will not bring you anywhere. You will not find out what is right for you until you don’t try it. There was a scene in one movie, when a young girl said: “Who knows, maybe I love diamonds. I just have never worn them”. You can’t predict, what will be a diamond for you. Dance, sing, do airplane models, make origami, draw comics, climb the mountains, play saxophone, save the turtles - just do something all the time. Do not sit at home and whine about your life. The world opens up to those who do, who act, who are involved. Get involved in life.

Be brave

You need to be brave to be different, to express another opinion, to disagree and go against the crowd. But only the ones who have enough courage to do that are the real winners. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Do one thing that scares you every day”. Let it be a principle of your life, achieve more every day and become more and more interesting.

Give it back

One should not only get from the life, but give something back. If you are an expert in anything, share your knowledge with others. If you have some extra time, spend it helping other people. If you have some extra money, donate it to the charity organization. Becoming a better person each day automatically gives you more inner peace, fills you with inner light which is seen or felt by others, so they want to become closer to you.

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