Feel Good at Winter

Winter time is challenging for our organisms from physical and mental points of view. Learn, how to keep yourself in a good mood during the cold winter months.

Spend more time outside.

Your body needs oxygen and fresh air even if you would rather stay under your cozy blanket instead of going for a walk. Wear your warm sweaters, take some hot tea or coffee and enjoy your time outside. Lack of oxygen has a negative influence on metabolism and on the state of your skin. Lack of vitamin D influences your mood and lowers your immunity. Time, spent outside, will fill your body with oxygen, your metabolism will be faster and you would actually need less food as well.

Winter walk


Everything becomes extremely dry in the cold time of the year – air, skin, hair. Use some air moisturizers for the rooms you spend your time in, drink hot water by little sips during the day, and don’t forget to use lipstick and moisturizing creams to protect your skin.

Sleep well

Not getting enough sleep lowers your immune system. It is important to sleep well during the whole year, but it becomes crucial in the winter time. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours.

Do not be hungry, but do not overeat

If you eat only salads in the cold time of the year, your desire for candies, cookies and buns will grow rapidly. You should eat warm, oily and healthy foods. It is important not to skip breakfasts and lunches, this way it will be easier to win an evening or night Me VS Refrigerator war. It is also a great idea to use warming spices that will not only make your food tastier, but would also help your body to digest it. Great spices for the winter time are ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cardamom, coriander, allspice.

Winter spices

Organize the “unloading” days for yourself

It is almost unavoidable to gain couple extra pounds during winter time. The thing is that our body tries to warm us from inside and it needs extra fats to do that. You will definitely be able to get rid of the extra weight when it gets warmer, as you will need less food then. But it is a good idea to organize “easy” days for your stomach. Pureed (cream) soups will work great for that purpose, as liquid and warm foods are easily digested, they quickly fight with hunger and give you a good feeling of lightness and warmth.

Pureed soups are very easy to make, you just need to have a blender and some simple ingredients for that. Just boil all your favorite vegetables, add some salt and your favorite spices and blend it all together adding broth little by little to get a perfect creamy texture. You can finish it up by adding some grated cheese and some cream to make your soup even tastier.

Smile, laugh and spend time with the people you love

It is proved that when you smile not only your mood gets better, but your immune system becomes stronger. Researches also show that lonely people have weaker immunity comparing to the ones who spend a lot of time with friends and family. Enjoy your time together, make each other happier and healthier, and create great winter memories together with your loved ones!

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