What should be left behind before you step into a new year?

We tend to believe, that a whole new life starts with the last sound of the chime on the New Year’s Eve independently on our actions. The truth is, that we are the ones responsible for making a new year a start of a new life. How can one do it? First of all, by cleaning the space for new good things, people and habits to come. Here are some tips on what should be considered first.

Picture the "New You" that you want to become

Every now and then you discover a habit you wouldn’t like to possess, or make a mistake you never want to repeat again. If you make a system of the faults you think you have and try to find the reason why you act the way you do, it will already make fighting with your bad features easier and will bring you closer to the ideal person you want to become one day.

Creating a project

Get rid of the things you don’t use anymore

A good way to do it is a little give away/throw away challenge. Set a certain amount of days and throw or give away one thing you don’t use. This can be an old toy, a piece of clothing, a cup you don’t like that much, books you will never want to read again, basically anything. You might be surprised by how many things you thought mattered are easy to get rid of.

Try to be less judgmental and more accepting

Judgments have two ways they can influence us in a bad way. Firstly, they make it harder to come to understanding for two people. Once can agree that arguing with an opinionated person is draining, and convincing them is almost as easy as waltzing with a grizzly bear. Secondly, they keep us standing on the same spot by narrowing our outlook, so working on self-development is much more complicated.

Girls gossiping

Do your best to never lie

First of all, do not lie to yourself. Be frank with what you really want to achieve and what you would like to never stumble upon in your life again. Do not convince yourself that something is good for you when in reality it is something others would like you to do. After this, try to be frank with your friends and family. Everyone wants to have relationships based on trust and openness, so maybe it is up to you to start making them like this.

Let people go

We want to have a stable life with as little stresses as possible, and that is why we tend to stick to the places, people, style and music we got used to stick to. Leaving your comfort zone seems to be a terrifying thing to do, but sometimes it is the only way to improve yourself and move on. If you feel like friendship with a certain person has become a burden, do not try too hard to make it work. Sometimes all you need to do is to step back, and then judging by the other person’s reaction you will know exactly what to do next.

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