Funny Habits and Facts of Famous People

Some people take their phones out to check the time and forget what time it is immediately. Others have less innocent habits like pulling out their eyebrows or eyelashes when they feel stressed. However, some people are outstanding comparing to others, and their habits might be just as outstanding. Here is a short list of famous people, who were remembered not only by their brain and talent, but also by possessing some laughable habits.

Friedrich Schiller

A famous poet, historian and philosopher couldn’t work without a dozen of rotten apples, carefully placed into the drawer of his writing desk.

Truman Capote

The writer referred to himself as to a “horizontal writer”, meaning that he could only work in a lying position. Mr. Capote needed three things to write – a sofa, a cigarette and cup of coffee. He was only writing with a pencil on the paper, never using a typing machine.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon always had a very hasty and messy breakfast. He would require the dishes to be served all at the same time, so he can eat everything as a mix, a bite of the main course and a dessert. Eating his breakfast took no more than ten minutes.

Salvador Dali

Mr. Dali loved to draw everyone’s attention, making his life as eccentric as he possibly could. He had a unique way of taking a nap, calling it “a rest with a key”. He would lie down, holding a key in his hand with a bowl placed on the floor under this hand. This was the position to fall asleep in, and as long as he did, the key would fall into the bowl, and the noise woke the artist up. Dali was convinced, that a lot of his ideas have struck him exactly in the moment of waking up after this refreshing a second-long nap.

Albert Einstein

The great scientist never wore socks. He said, that they are not convenient and get worn out easily. He used to wear high shoes, so the missing socks will not be easy to notice.

bare feet

Victor Hugo

The writer had his original way to complete the number of pages he has set as his goal for a day. Hugo would order his servants to take away all his clothes, so he is not tempted to go outside for a walk until he has finished the amount of work needed.

Honoré de Balzac

The novelist was a huge fan of coffee. He was drinking one cup after another, and was able to work for 48 hours in a row. However, doctors believe this to be the reason for his problems with the heart.

coffee spots

Orhan Pamuk

The writer has a habit of writing on the workplace, and he said he absolutely couldn’t do it where he lives. After he moved to the USA and didn’t have an office to write in, he acted in a little play every morning – he would eat his breakfast, say goodbye to his wife and would walk for a while. After he came back, he would not say a word to anyone and would go straight to his writing desk.

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