Top Writing Mistakes Students Tend to Make

Student's Writing Mistakes

Pursuing a degree, students write a significant number of different writing tasks such as essays, lab reports, reviews, course works and term papers. All of them demand a strong preparation and deep writing skills. However, it is hard to do everything correctly without any mistakes, especially if writing in a foreign language. It is a well-known fact that perfect skills are acquired through a lot of practice.

Researchers make different collections of the most common mistakes in order to help students to avoid them. Therefore, I decided to make a list of the worst common writing mistakes for them to become less frequent.

Take a look at these errors which may help you to improve accuracy in academic writing. Good writing habits will not only assist you well in college but will bear fruits in the long-term perspective.

Pronouns Issue

Do not confuse pronouns with shortenings. Your and you’re is an example that is given too often. Also, when you use pronouns like his/her or him/her, you need to present the person to whom you are talking. Pronouns without a clear antecedent are doubtful and unnecessary. So, when I write my essay, I remove them.

Incorrect Verb Forms

Irregular verb forms are the hardest concepts to understand and learn by heart even for native speakers. There are many cases when people use incorrect forms and don’t realize this at all. Generally known that such mistakes are totally unaccepted and there are no excuses for making such mistakes. Take care of your verb usage and fill the gaps in your memory. You should remember that these mistakes might significantly damage your credibility and have a strong impact on your assignment mark.

Spelling Mistakes

Bad spelling is widely spread among students. It is mostly caused because of the words with the same pronunciation and complete different spelling. That is why, don’t hesitate to have a look at dictionaries or find the correct variants on Google. Another issue is complete inattentiveness of students. You should be careful and concentrated in order to avoid these mistakes. It is a proven fact that a person may miss mistakes in their own text even after proofreading it. Therefore, I advise the help of experts in checking your essays.

Writing a Plot Summary

When you need to deal with a plot of the book in order to write your assignment, you shouldn’t create a plot summary of it. This assignment is created for checking students’ understanding and opinion. That’s why you need to create an analysis of the material with the help of a plot. Present your attitude and interpretation of a book, add a few critical statements of your own and use the plot elements properly: as your evidence, not the basis.

Subject-Verb Problems

You always need to pay a strong attention to the number of the subject, whether the noun is singular or plural. There are some irregular nouns, which must be memorized because they have only plural or singular number. Keep in mind that there should always be a correlation in number and person.

Run-on Sentences

Such sentences contain two or more independent clauses and they are not bound by suitable punctuation. These clauses are groups of words that contain a subject and a verb and can stand alone as a sentence. There is a rule that each clause must be separated from another independent clause with punctuation or a conjunction. If it is possible, one should separate the clauses into independent sentences. It is a widespread mistake so you should take in into account.

All in all, many people make mistakes and it is okay. However, you may always improve yourself and your skills. Don’t be ashamed to make mistakes, but don’t forget to fix them. Writing demands a lot of practice that’s why you should do your best and try as much as possible. I hope that this list will help you make a clearer point in writing your assignments now and prevent from making mistakes in the future.


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