Know the Rules of a Suit Wearing

There is no man, who never gets to wear a suit, and some men have to wear it every single day. No matter how often you need to look official, you want to omit all the mistakes while choosing and wearing your suit. Here is what you should keep in mind:

  • Look at your jacket’s collar.

    There must be no folds, no creases, and the collar shouldn’t be too high up. There is only way it should fit: it should be pressed tightly to the collar of the shirt, letting it out for just a centimeter.

  • The length of the sleeves.

    It seems to be a well-known fact, that sleeves should be long enough to cover all but 1-2 cm of the wristband, and still a lot of men break this standard.

  • All the buttons should work.

    All the buttonholes in a high-quality jacket are hand-stitched, while buttonholes on manufactured suits are stitched automatically and sometimes do not let you button your jacket up.

  • The length of the jacket.

    A classic jacket reaches the level of your thumbs or can be slightly shorter. Be careful with how wide the jacket looks on your shoulders – you don’t want it to make you look like a square.

  • The lowest button should always be unbuttoned.

    This rule applies both to jackets and vests.

  • The length of the trousers.

    The trousers should have one fold on them. If they are exactly as long as your legs are, it means they are too short – you will see it the next time you sit down. At the same time, two and more folds will make the whole look loose it’s neatness.

  • The color of the socks.

    This might seem to be just a little detail, but it can ruin the look as well. The color of the socks should be as close to the color of the suit as possible. This rule has a practical meaning, as socks of a different color will make your legs look shorter.

  • How to choose the tie?

    The end of the tie should reach the belt, but never be longer. The end of the tie should not be seen with the jacket on. You should also remember to never wear a tie with suspenders or a short-sleeved shirt.

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  • More about accessories.

    Suspenders do not go together with the belt; you should choose only one of these pieces. Bowties are universal, but it is recommended to wear bright and colorful ones with a short-sleeved shirt, while traditional ones can look good on any shirt in classical style.

  • Shoes.

    You should remember, that brown shoes are never combined with black, blue or grey suits. Keep them for the suits of emerald or dark green colors, as well as for beige or chocolate colored suits.

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