New Year Wishes and Countries

The New Year celebration is one of the most favorite ones among people of all ages. You can agree that even pragmatic adults become kinder during holidays. Before the New Year`s Eve, all of us are ready to believe in miracles: even those ones who are usually cynical and are not overfilled with fantasies. Anyway, practically everyone has their secret wish.

The tradition of making a wish in the New Year’s Eve is spread throughout the globe. Every country has found its own way of “negotiation with the fate”. They have their own methods of asking what they really want. Benefit from the following tips: the age-old traditions cannot be wrong. It is time for your dreams to come true, don’t you think?

New year wish

1. Lovers of Virtuosity

According to the Spanish tradition a plate of grapes should be placed on the holiday table. Anyone who wants to make a wish will be facing the hard task, which requires virtuosity. You should wait for a chiming clock and then make a wish. While the clock strikes, you should have time to eat twelve grapes. If you cope with this task, you can believe that the desired wish will come true.

2. Risk Takers

The way of German’s celebration is less formal than in other countries. Germans like to “jump into” the New Year. Thus, the tradition of making wishes is associated with this idea. Thinking about what they would like to achieve in the New Year, Germans are trying to find a high place and climb on it. While making a wish, they just jump from it. To perform this plan, any type of furniture can be used: a table, a chair, a sofa, and even a higher place if you are brave enough. According to the residents of Germany, this trick provides a 100% guarantee that a wish will come true.

3. Lovers of the Fire Hearth

In the Scottish part of the UK the fireplace is respected. Thus, it is a good idea to celebrate the New Year near it. While making a wish, Scots are not taking their eyes off the flame. When all the thoughts are formulated, the owner of the house has to stand up and open the entrance door. It is believed that this is the only way for the Old year with all its troubles to leave the house and give a place for the New Year, in which all the wishes will come true. Only after that, householders can begin the festive meal.

4. Latvians’ Creativity

Latvians also make a wish under the chiming clock, while chewing something at the same time. However, they substitute grapes with peas. Once the clock counts down the last twelve strokes before the New Year, you should put a pea in your mouth and chew it pronouncing in your mind something you want to achieve. To make your wish come true, peas should be chewed before the last beat of the clock.

5. Lovers of Legumes

In France, local Christmas traditions are also connected with food and a chiming clock. First, you should bake a holiday cake. Besides, do not forget about a surprise. It should be put into each piece of the cake. By the way, traditionally this role is taken by leguminous, which unites French people with Latvians. In many cultures leguminous is the symbol of prosperity. Thus, while using it for making a wish, people believe that they won’t have a need in anything. When the clock strikes midnight, everyone in the house makes their wishes. The lucky ones, who will get a piece with a hidden surprise, can be happy: their dreams will surely come true.

6. Lovers of Romantics

Bulgarian tradition of making a wish is perhaps the most romantic over all existing. It is impossible without kisses. Once the clock strikes midnight, you should turn off the light and make a wish. You should find your soulmate in the darkness and kiss him or her. Those who do not make a mistake can be sure that a wish will come true. Even if you make a mistake, you should not be disappointed. You have a good chance to find your destiny.

Kiss him/her

The Fairytale Is Possible!

Do not be afraid to dream and express your wishes. No matter which country we live in, a strong desire of our wishes to come true unites us.

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