Yoga: Do I Need It?

Beginning of the XXI century brought us many useful things as Internet, cell phones, gadgets and of course the spiritual practices. Some people are still skeptic to necessity of their usage in daily life. Their results definitely influence the minds of masses.

I am not calling you to deep yourself into esoteric, but propose to look at some aspects of it. For example, yoga practices.

Yoga Training

Yoga and Health

The foremost advantage of yoga I see is the influence to the health. Yoga has three components as body posture, breathe and meditation. It is the best to combine all three aspects during the trainings. Yoga develops the plastics and flexibility, brings muscles in tone and allows keeping all systems in organism in a good shape.

Areas of Influence

  • Spine

    Vertebra is the base for the health of whole body. Its statue influences to all functions of organs. Due to the right posture the oxygen is bought through the blood and charged all nerves, thus undertaking the tissues’ work. The exercises effectively help to rid of the chronic backache in below parts, close chest ache and curvature of the backache.

  • Cardiovascular system

    Yoga exercises increases the level of hemoglobin, amount of red blood corpuscles and reduces the blood viscosity thus limits the level of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Immune system

    The stress hormone cortisol is reduced due to the regular practice and there enlarges the density of bone tissue, therefore the calcium isn’t washed off. The resistance to immune diseases as flue increases several-flow.

  • Reproductive system

    Yoga allows improving the blood circulation at the reproductive glands for both sex representatives, so that is a good precaution and therapy of sexual diseases.

Yoga and Obesity

Meditation relaxes the mind and allows feeling free of complexes you have. Obesity actually is considered to be more mental disease than genetic. Exercises help to solve the emotional discomfort. Metabolism and blood circulation in the brain gives a possibility to reduce the stomach volume thus changes the dietary ration. The signals are consequently rebuilt the structure of working acids that influence the mass control.

Yoga and Doldrums

Yoga exercises helps to control the emotional tension and its changes. It gifts a person an emotional stability, saves the concentration and attention, thus staying more often calm and relaxed. Nervous system is relaxed due to the breathing practices and all attention goes to the contemplation. The activity of brain cortex increases; so there comes the happiness and relief. Yoga brings the stress resistant feeling.

Feeling Relaxed

Yoga, Energy and New Vision of Life

Meditation practices are the instrument of reloading the life energy. Relaxation gives the enormous source of energy and contemplation, has regenerating effect that equals to several hours of sleep. It renews your inner spiritual, mental, emotional and physical powers. Yoga helps to become more confident and calm. You release the circumstances and begin taking responsibility of own deeds. You grow up mentally and spiritually. New vision of life occurs.

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