Tips on How to Take Fast Notes

Study notes

You should always take notes in the classroom because when you write something, it’s easier to retain it. Maybe, that’s because the process is usually relatively slow and forces you to really think about the things you’re writing down. Students who take no notes forget approximately 20% of the lectures by the end of two weeks. However, some students don’t know how to do notetaking and present almost the same picture. It’s important to do it fast and efficiently. If you want to succeed in your studies, you should acquire this skill.

A Student’s Guide to Becoming More Popular in One Week

Popular Student

Don’t worry, you won’t care about popularity for too long. We can even play the role of psychics and predict when exactly you’ll stop giving a rat’s tail about your widespread social contacts. When you graduate, get a good job, and start enjoying solo trips to places which are situated as far from crowds of people as possible, we’ll have a different conversation.

Awesome Apps for Perfecting Your Grammar

Bad grammar

Grammar is annoying in two cases. Firstly, when you are always getting it wrong and feel awfully embarrassed. Secondly, when somebody`s getting it wrong and you realize that a person who mixed up “you`re” and “your” will never get on a pedestal in your mind again. There is a weird thing about grammar. It`s capable of changing your impression of a person drastically. Of course, you realize that it`s not a determining factor, the person who gets spelling or punctuation wrong occasionally is a fun and caring human being but still, it`s not the same anymore.

Main Issues in Writing of a Research Paper


Here we will talk about a special kind of academic writing which is performed by a student in order to carry out a research on a specific theme. Term paper, dissertation or master thesis also regard to this type of work. To perform the writing of this type, an author depicts an existing scientific problem, conducts a survey and analyzes his findings. However, a student who starts working on such kind of paper may find it a little bit complicated.

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