Ways to Improve Your CV


With the advent of new technologies, the methods of looking for staff have also changed. Now HR specialists use social networks to post a job or draft a candidate, but the old kind of resume is still required to be shown. And often it is the cause of the denial of employment.

Paper on Why Students Cheat

Exam Cheating

Cheating is omnipresent in almost every country and many universities face cheating scandals every year. This is a very important issue which is difficult to solve. However, nothing is impossible. It’s wise to know the cause behind it if we want to fight effectively.

Top 5 Apps Which Will Help You Out with a Home Assignment


The future is here! Can you imagine how doing homework was like for your parents? Hours spent at the library, handwritten essays, and absolutely no chance to look something up on the Internet for an exam. It seems that non-Internet era was ages ago, and now it`s hard to imagine student life without educational websites, e-books, and apps, of course.

How to Write a Story?


If you are not a worldwide famous story-teller, you may face issues while writing a story or, as it may be called, a narrative essay. This type of writing requires you to have a good imagination combined with the awareness with the basic story elements and requirements and well-developed writing style. The following text will assist you with the main hints on story writing and will provide you with tips regarding how to avoid common mistakes.

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