Funny Habits and Facts of Famous People

bare feet

Some people take their phones out to check the time and forget what time it is immediately. Others have less innocent habits like pulling out their eyebrows or eyelashes when they feel stressed. However, some people are outstanding comparing to others, and their habits might be just as outstanding. Here is a short list of famous people, who were remembered not only by their brain and talent, but also by possessing some laughable habits.

New Year Wishes and Countries

The New Year celebration is one of the most favorite ones among people of all ages. You can agree that even pragmatic adults become kinder during holidays. Before the New Year`s Eve, all of us are ready to believe in miracles: even those ones who are usually cynical and are not overfilled with fantasies. Anyway, practically everyone has their secret wish.

Yoga: Do I Need It?

Beginning of the XXI century brought us many useful things as Internet, cell phones, gadgets and of course the spiritual practices. Some people are still skeptic to necessity of their usage in daily life. Their results definitely influence the minds of masses.

Five Drinks to Have in the Morning Instead of a Cup of Coffee

It is common, that the alarm goes off exactly five minutes before we manage to have enough sleep and usually we don’t have a chance to stay in the warm bed for longer. As a result, people rush with a speed of turtle to make a cup of coffee and wander around the flat waiting for the caffeine to take its effect. The bad news is, if you keep having an Americano every single morning (or maybe not one cup per day?), caffeine doesn’t wake you up effectively, as your body gets used to it. What can you do in this case? Add some diversity to your morning drink menu and get your portion of coffee-less energy!
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