Five Hints for Writing Better Essays

Writing Essays

The main point of such kind of work is to develop writing the students’ writing skills and help them to create their own manner of self-expression. What is more, it’s very important to be able to express your point of view regarding a certain problem or communicate with somebody.

Stop a Horror of Overusing These Words in Your Writing


We often take language for granted. We use it as a communication tool without thinking what might have happened happen if language hadn`t existed. Perhaps, humanity would have started texting much earlier. In fact, nowadays we`re just going back to our routes. Human ancestors used to draw cave pictures in order to express their feelings, emotions, transfer their thoughts. Don`t emoticons have an exact same function nowadays? So, the rules and even shapes of communication are changing all the time.

Top 7 Internet Tools for Checking Your Grammar


You know that moment when you have to submit an extra important essay or academic paper and you start checking every word in a letter you`re about to send to your professor? Sometimes, the situation gets so overwhelming that you even start to doubt the spelling of your own name and look in the passport to get it all right. Did I write “good morning” correctly? What if it`s “good moaning?”? What if I got professor`s last name wrong?

Top Writing Mistakes Students Tend to Make

Student's Writing Mistakes

Pursuing a degree, students write a significant number of different writing tasks such as essays, lab reports, reviews, course works and term papers. All of them demand a strong preparation and deep writing skills. However, it is hard to do everything correctly without any mistakes, especially if writing in a foreign language. It is a well-known fact that perfect skills are acquired through a lot of practice.

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